Vijñāna-Jijñāsā is a knowledge platform to cultivate scientific wisdom

Vijñāna-Jijñāsā, an initiative by ARCIS Wisdom Foundation, fosters scientific knowledge systems through education, research, and interdisciplinary studies.
We specialize in science education, fundamental research, popularization, and restoration of scientific literature.
Our thrust area comprises the study and research of the Pure and Applied Sciences.

Our Mission

At Vijñāna-Jijñāsā, our mission is to nurture and advance scientific knowledge systems through a multifaceted approach encompassing education, research, and interdisciplinary studies. We are dedicated to promoting science education at all levels, conducting fundamental research to push the boundaries of human understanding, and popularizing scientific knowledge to engage and inspire diverse audiences. Additionally, we are committed to the restoration of scientific literature, ensuring that invaluable insights from the past continue to enrich contemporary scientific discourse. Our mission is driven by a passion for the Pure and Applied Sciences and a belief in their power to shape a better future for humanity.

Our Vision

Vijñāna-Jijñāsā envisions a world where scientific knowledge systems are nurtured, advanced, and made accessible through interdisciplinary education, rigorous research, and the preservation of scientific literature, with a focus on both Pure and Applied Sciences.